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1) What classes are you?
My Twilek LSF Exile is a Sentinel/Jedi Master (I seem to be the only one doing that)

2) What items do you equip? Did your Exile wear robes or armor?
I usually wear some self-made Bastila robes. Then I use all strength-boosting items I can find.

3) What kind of lightsaber do you wield? Single, Dual, or Double-bladed? And what color?
I usually wield 2 Silver lightsabers with I don't know which crystal, just the best stuff I can find without spending money for it

4) What Lightsaber form do you use the most?
Juyo, actually I use all of them from time to time

5) What Force Powers do you use to augment your saber skills? Or did you just use the Force as your blade?
I usually use Master stun, Destroy Droid, Force Storm, Master Heal, Battle Meditation, Force Enlightment,...oh, and Burst of Speed, Force wave, Horror, Kill and that revival thing, whatever it is called.(wow, that's a lot - That's why I like the Jedi Master) Basically, half of my enemies are dead, before I or my companions even get there.

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