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My Chinese Democracy

As far as I'm concerned, a Chinese Democracy is an abstract concept. It's a great idea, it has a lot of potential, but really, it's never going to be finished.

So how many of us have Chinese Democracies? Great ideas, a lot of potential, there's some groundwork there, but it could (maybe) never be finished. Nightlight's got plenty.

Tierra de los Muertos 3D movie - unfortunately, now an abandoned concept. I've got pictures of half a dozen 3D skeletons, a break room, and what would have been an awesome nightclub without the room itself.

Radio stuff - Lost Cause III and Beneath Monkey Island are currently demanding my attention. A Howard special, Queer Eye For the Straight Prime is recorded, and I need to get to that. Scripting wise, Doctor Who: Time Chase couldn't be a better Chinese Democracy.

Books - Tierra de los Muertos lies on the edge of being finished. I'm wading through the second draft of it now. It's about 300 pages, ready to be shopped to publishers. Two other books I'm dabbling in are illustrated, along the lines of kids books. They're Chinese Democracies, because I can't sit down and devote enough time to drawing. One I've finished writing, it's a Tierra based work in which Number Two has a near Death experience, called 'Casi Muerte', the other is based around the coming of the Holy Zebra, and is called 'He Trots Amongst Us'.

Have I forgotten anything? Anything that I've said has been 'coming soon' and never came?

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