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Originally Posted by Alkonium
"Did it mention how exactly it will end?" Asked Adria, leaning against a wall, looking at both Alexender and the tablet.
Kenshin Tsung knew the way of the sword but he felt his calling was the way of the word. For years he had spent studying in both ways only to emerge as a trusted emmissary and diplomat for teh province of Nyia. Recently the Empire was falling into disrepair and there were rumors that there was written prophecy concernign the empire. Under orders, he was to travel to the province of Kanis to find out. He contracted his friend and secret love, General Portia Cutler, the commander of the fleet and the province Ferai to take him.

GeneraL Portia Cutler had more important things on her mind. Her merchant fleet was the largest and the prime supplier of major goods. She had to go to Kanis to try an renew a treaty and when Kenshin approached her for transport, she readily agreed. THey arrived at Kanis and sought out the priestess. They saw Alexander talking to her.

Kenshin realized that maybe he should speak so he introduced himself, "Perhaps I can help translate if assistance is necessary?"

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