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Emukiel shook his head, deactivating his lightsaber and looking to the busy street. It would only be a matter of time when the Jedi would barge in. He didn't want to be around for that more than Strider did, so he walked clamly to his robes and drew them on in one single motion.
"The Galactic Alliance has been fighting since it was the Rebel Alliance. Nothing else has changed than that they have allied their warmongering with the Empire's. The Sith Dominion is just like any nation. The only thing wrong with the picture is that the people are happy while the leaders are Sith. Are you willing to subject the people under Dominion rule to the chaos that the Galactic Alliance has proven itself to be. Even Skywalker has allied his jedi with the Dominion. Think about it... You can find me on Ziost if you wish to speak or duel with me again. And remember I was not sent..." he said before drawing his hood on and leaving for the street. Befoe he could reach it, however, he turned around and looked at him with a smile.
"It was nice to see you again, young Flamehart"

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