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Only a few moments later, Charna entered Tepe's throne room and knelt to bow before him. "My Lord, forgive me if I speak out of turn," she said gently, "but you are weary of the war. The fleets are falling into disrepair from the Republic's constant battering. Kaoin is growing increasingly more disrespectful and rebellious... and we agree it may not be long before he decides it's time to overthrow you."

As Tepe looked ready to speak, Charna held up a hand to stop him. "Please let me finish." She closed her eyes and reached out with the Force. "You regret having Kaoin and myself as deeply involved in fighting the war as we are. And Cylia is a thorn in your side, worming her way deeper."

She shook her head, falling silent for a moment. When she opened her eyes, she offered a faint smile to Tepe. "But know this, my Lord. Troubles will arise, but they will also depart. Whether they depart through death or through other means, they still depart."

Her smile faded as she looked up at him earnestly. "This galaxy is in a tremendous volume of unrest. But ripples are beginning, ripples which will restore the peace. I can feel it."

Bowing again, she finished, "However, it was not I who called to meet with you. You desired to see me and I have come."

Dropping to one knee, she said softly, "What do you desire of me, Master?"

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"You wield the Force as an extension of yourself," Reibe observed thoughtfully, angling her head as she stared at Jahara. "And yet the moment you take up a lightsaber, your entire attitude changes. You use it gracefully, but... in such a... clumsy way."

"Graceful in a clumsy way..." Jahara frowned. "Reibe, you're not making sense again."

Reibe chuckled. "You treat the lightsaber as if it is a tool in your hand, not an extension of your arm. That is why you never defeat me. My lightsaber becomes merely another part of my body."

"I said I wanted you to train me in wielding the Force," Jahara said with a slight frown, hands on her hips. Reibe mimicked the pose.

"I can't," she replied bluntly. "By instinct you wield the Force more intimately than I'll ever be able to. For that, you must either train yourself... or find another master."

Jahara nodded and retrieved her lightsaber from where it had clattered to the floor nearly half an hour ago. Since then, Reibe had been observing Jahara's talents with manipulating objects in the room with the Force.

But for now, they returned to sparring...
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