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ok you must be thinking ''ok this guy is tottally crazy'' well apparently l am about this new game comming out now you want me to get on with it well l will its Star Wars: The force Unleashed heres a web site for it now:

you got to see it to belive. It has all the latest gaming technology there is you should just well like watch the videos cause its the madest geme ever l will try and keep the news of the game updated here so you dont have to always have problems finding the site but its well mad like you ofcourse would of watched the video and the new technology is great how the stormtroopers reacted to the fall how they reached for the wood and grabbed onto it hardly and kept there life (its funny how they throught r2d2 at them and they fell) so its just mad. And the other video is so cool too it has to blank pieces of wood the they threw things at it (first one was a death star ball the other was r2d2) and the wood broke so realistically (2nd one) and fully improved the graphics too and that web site dosnt have the first trailer which is like a jedi doing mad moves with the force destroying those helpless stormtroopers its just so cool so you got to check out the trailer heres the web

so its just so cool so send replys to me or news through this web so l have to go because theres like this gigantic thunder storm over here so the power could go out any second so bye

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