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Valin quickly shakes his head at Cylia and glances around the room before, closing his eyes and folding his arms. The Soldiers began to sorround him as his eyes shot open and he glanced back and fourth.

"No need for hostilies. I will go quietly. But, this is getting rather annoying." Valin mumbled before wandering around the room and pointing to Cylia.

"Take me to wherever my holding cell will be." Valin said before taking a step toward her a raising an eyebrow to her, and cocked his head wanting her to hurry up and take him so, he wouldn't have to deal with the ignorance for much longer.

Eryn spotted a Dominion Ship and jaw dropped as he put two and two together of the Dark Lord Tepe being the same as the bounty. That was the reason of bounty being so high. A grin spread across Eryn's face, for he knew exactly where the find Tepe but, needed to be perpared.

Eryn landed his ship on the outscirts of a small city on Cornellia and stepped up to a small site where a group of Rodians were sitting playing a game of Pazzak before spotting Eryn and quickly rising to their feet and bowing their head as a grin spread across Eryn's face.

"Give me everything you have to stop a Sith. No questions" Said Eryn as he rubbed his hands together grinning.

"But..." Said one of the rodians but, was cut off.

"NOW!" Yelled Eryn as the Rodians scurried inside their house, and brought containers of poision gas, a neural disruptor, and force-detaining cuffs.

Eryn sighed at the lack of supplies but, it would have to do. Eryn nodded his head and turned and made his way back to his ships. Eryn slowly loaded the materials into the back of the ship, before leaning against it looking at the city on the bottom of the hill, and patientley waiting for a Dominion ship to land.

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