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"You can be assured, Tarach," replied Vollig stalwartly, "that no matter
what wrongs they have committed or what vices they have indulged themselves
in, I will not harm them. The future of the Empire depends on alliances and
loyalties, and I am not about to ruin a future one."

Vollig stood, and his voice turned cold. "As for my methods, what else am
I to do? It is true that I have not stepped inside a temple for nigh on a
decade, but I see what they are on the outside--monuments to Tarim
wealth. Our priests are becoming just as decadent as those of Tyor,
displaying their gold and precious stones inside and outside of temple
walls! This is not what worship is, or following the gods. I pray in
hollow caves, surviving in the wilderness to further hone my spirit.

"My Tarach, I shall give fair warning to those who have offended
the gods and their fellow men, which I have not done insofar. Regardless,
there are only so many times you can tell souls to repent before they
realize that no action will be taken to punish them, either on the part
of gods or men. That is why I'm here, and that is why I came to explain."

Vollig bowed stiffly at the waist. "A brute, am I? At least I'm not a fool."
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