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well it comes with quite a few things it comes out on xbox,ps2,xbox360,ps3 and l think thats all there is but its a really cool game lm going to buy on the first day. Truly l must say l dont know how there going to put in the technology to the gamming console because ps2 has been out for quite awhile now so l am wondering how one of the newest technology could work on an old ps2? And another think of having it on the pc think of how slow it would go it has state of the art graphics and then you download it then it stuffs up because you dont have enough graphics on your graphics card so then you would say ''man l wish l got it on ps2(or any other console)'' so l think its cool that they dont have it on pc but still just you guys that want on pc why cant they just make a pc version of the game but ofcourse if they did it would be based on dvd drives to play it.

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