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Kotor Restoration Project: K1RP Official LF Thread!

Knights of the Old Republic I in my opinion is a really good game with lots of options and I think everyone will agree with me on that. Now what you might all not know, although I am sure most of you do, that KotOR I does have it's flaws and Cut Content which is why I am here today starting this thread.

First of all I want to officially say as Team Leader of K1RP "Team-Jawa" that we ARE officially announcing our mod which is a restoration of Knights of the Old Republic I. Further more I want to give you all somewhat of an idea what this modification will entail. The modification will consist of 4 main parts that will make one whole modification. What I mean is that this modification will be divided into four parts that we will be releasing to the public incrementally. The first part will consist of the first 3 areas/worlds “The Ebon Hawk, The Endar Spire, and Taris” along with all galaxy wide missions that may come along with those areas/worlds. The second part will consist of the second 3 areas/worlds “Dantooine, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine” along with all galaxy wide missions that may come along with those areas/worlds. The third part will consist of the third 3 areas/worlds “Manaan, Korriban, and The Leviathan” along with all galaxy wide missions that may come along with those areas/worlds. The fourth and final part will consist of the fourth 3 areas/worlds “Lehon (Rakata Prime or The Unknown World), The Star Forge, and Sleheyron” along with all galaxy wide missions that may come along with those areas/worlds.

Now the major accomplishments in the project are going to be Sleheyron and the Ancient Rakatan Temple on Tatooine along with the Sarlaac Maw Pit because they are not present in the PC version of the game that is why I am proud to announce all of the team members that will be making it possible to get the content we need and who are helping to modify it...

Edit: Please go to the main site, here, to find a list of the modders involved in this project. ~SR

So without further lecturing on this mod I want to say with all of your support we can make a top quality mod that I know everyone will enjoy and above all everybody will have fun with.

Also, just to let you all know we are still looking for modder in specific areas so if you think your modding work is good and can be an asset to our cause please feel free to PM me.

*IMPORTANT*: Please DO NOT ask when we will be finished with this mod as it puts way too much pressure on the team and myself. So like Team-Gizka said with their restoration mod “It will be done when it is done”.

Also, one more thing. We are looking for more people to join us like extra modelers, scripters, ect. So if you are interested just give me a PM and I will evaluate you and get you setup with everything you need to start work on this mod.

We also have a website and forum that you can visit at these locations...



You can find it on the "Forums" page of the main site...

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