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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part V: Forgotten Promises Part II

Ten years have passed since the PADAWANS, MICAL and STEVEN SOLIDUS weren’t chosen to be trained as JEDI. Both Mical and Steven have gone their separate ways and haven’t seen each other at all. After saving DANTOOINE from being taking over by AZKUL and his mercenaries, Mical was reunited with his prospective master from years ago. SERA TANA.

On the EBON HAWK, ready to go to the SITH planet, KORRIBAN, Sera remembers old times. Times that Sera wishes she could change for herself and Mical…


The Jedi Exile, Sera Tana and her companions, Atton Rand and Mical the Disciple, had saved Dantooine, from the mercenary attack on Khoonda. Administrator Terena Adare and the Jedi Master, Vrook Lamar were grateful for their help. Sera had been glad to help and now that Sera had found Master Vrook, she knew that Korriban was next.

Entering the Ebon Hawk, Sera, Atton and Mical returned to relax for a while. Atton walked off to relax in the cockpit, while Sera and Mical decided to relax in the medical bay. Sera thought about her relationship with Mical. She hadn’t seen him for ten years and he had changed. Sera no longer felt the anger within him that he had used to beat Steven in the duel they had ten years before. Mical had become much wiser and calmer. It made Sera embarrassed. She had wasted her life in exile, while Mical had got himself a life, after he was rejected for becoming a Jedi, soon after Sera was exiled. Sera knew that if she hadn’t had been exiled, Mical would’ve become a great Jedi. Soon after reuniting, Sera had offered Mical the chance to be trained as a Jedi and he accepted. Although Sera wondered if Mical hadn’t told her everything about his life, after leaving the Jedi Order. Who did he work for? Why was he still interested in Sera after all these years? Sera would have turned a blind eye. She was searching for the masters that had exiled her ten years ago. She didn’t have time to go recruiting old friends to aid her in her task. What had Kreia told her? To prepare for an army. Sera was beginning to think that Kreia was right. There was too many of them on the ship. Seven of them in fact. There was her, Kreia, Atton, the Utility Droid, T3-M4, the Iridonian, Bao-Dur, the Miraluka, Visas Marr and Mical.

“Who do you work for Mical?” Sera asked.

Mical looked up from the components he was working on.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Mical asked back, “I work for the Republic.”

“I know that,” Sera told him, “But who in particular?”

“I can’t tell you,” Mical told her, “I’m sorry.”

Sera knew that Mical wouldn’t tell her. At least not yet. Sera had wondered if Mical had forgiven her about the time when Sera rejected to take Mical as her first apprentice.


“Stop, you must!” Xarg shouted, using the Force to take Mical’s Lightsaber from him, before looking at Steven, “Go to your quarters, you shall. You and the others.”

Everyone left, leaving Sera and Xarg alone. The training room, which was once filled with many students, eager to see the duel, was now empty and quiet. Xarg walked towards Sera, hanging over his walking stick.

“Choose a padawan, you must,” Xarg told Sera, “What I told you before, I did. Not so sure, anymore.”

Sera knelt down on her left knee, so she could look at Xarg easily, without looking down on him. Even on her one knee, she was still quite tall compared to the elderly master.

“I’m not sure either master,” Sera told him, “Both of them are young and impatient. I don’t know if I can handle anyone like that.”

“Same you were, when you were young,” Xarg told her, “Reckless, you were.”

“Was I?” Sera asked, “I was chosen. Master Corral always thought the best in me, even in my darkest times. I only wish I had saved him, instead of leaving him to die.”

Sera stood up again and turned to leave the training room. As Sera was about to leave, Xarg stopped her.

“Mical, Steven, have potential, they both do,” Xarg warned, “Think about their future, you must. If both of them aren’t trained, their futures will become very different. One will remain on the path of the light, while the other will fall to the dark side. Heed my warnings, Jedi Tana and whatever fate you may choose for yourself and for the two young men, you’ll become much wiser for it.”

As Xarg walked away, Sera stopped to think. She didn’t understand what Xarg meant, but Sera had always wondered if the old master had become eccentric. Either way, Sera knew that other than Vandar, Xarg was the wisest master in the Jedi Order.


In the cockpit, Sera and Atton sat, waiting to arrive on Korriban, on the way to find the Jedi Master, Lonna Vash.

“Where’s that kid you picked up?” Atton asked, still piloting the ship, “I suggest we drop him off on the next asteroid we come to.”

“Don’t be so hard on him Atton,” Sera told him, “Mical is young and he is much wiser than when I first met him. He will be able to help us.”

“Oh yeah?” Atton asked sarcastically, “What with? For once, I agree with that manipulative old witch. He isn’t needed and he has no right with us.”

Sera ignored Atton, as she stood up and left the cockpit.

“Was it something I said?” Atton asked, as she left.


Sera returned to the med bay. Perhaps Mical would finally tell her who he was working for. Sera had never remembered Mical as the secretive type. When she met him, he was never afraid to tell anyone anything. Then again, Sera knew that people changed and she was one of them. She could never trust anyone anymore. At least, not at first. Even after first meeting, Sera still never trusted Kreia or her intentions. Sera wondered if Kreia was trying to lure her to the dark side. Her teachings were nothing like the teachings, Sera had learnt when she was a Jedi.

“Mical,” Sera began, as she cleared her throat, “I’m sorry if I was prying into your life, but I can’t stand it when people don’t tell me anything. Someone must have sent you to do what you were doing on Dantooine.”

Mical ignored Sera, which surprised her indeed. No matter what, Sera knew that Mical had to talk sometime and she continued.

“I know how you felt when you were rejected for Jedi training,” Sera continued, “You felt the same pain I received when all those deaths on Malachor V echoed through me. You rejected the Force, the same way the Force left me. We are both similar in many ways Mical. I can trust you, even after all this time. I just hope that you can trust me now that…”

“Sera,” Mical interrupted, “I’m sorry, I should have told you sooner. You might have heard of my boss.”

“Who?” Sera asked.

“Carth Onasi,” Mical told her, “He is the Admiral of the Republic and one of the only men I know who can keep the Republic safe.”

“When will I meet him?” Sera asked.

“All in due time…”

The End
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