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Originally Posted by RaV
The Samurai was remaining silent throughout the meeting
of the great powers inside the Emperor's realm as he
was more there to express the power the Imperials had
over anyone else. The Samurai was known for his conquests
as well as his remarkable abilities even with his slight handicaps.

Now he was to be summoned...

"So that settles it..Tarim and Tyor have grown apart for the
longest I can remember, but we can play as the advocate.
We Will." Claimed the Emperor whom soon grew a confident
face after witnessing the reactions of his officials before he
would continue on, "Our entire desire of this conflict between
these two is to plunge them in a bloody war so then we may
play God and decide whom should win this war with the help of.."

Suddenly, The Samurai came forward to avoid his true
identity to be revealed as in an odd case he hasn't even
found it out for himself. The Emperor smiled thinking
The Samurai was eager for conflict yet he was nearly for the opposite.

"What would you have me do m'lord?"

"Assassinate the diplomat of Tarim known as Khan."
(First of all, I stated in the Casting Call that the Emperor is too ill to make any important decisions, second, I doubt he would deliberately plunge the Empire into civil war, and third, Khan is the diplomat from Niya, not Tarim)

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