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What a distinguished lineup of modders you have! Needles to say: I'm quite enthusiastic.
What I mean is that this modification will be divided into four parts that we will be releasing to the public incrementally.
This is an excellent idea.
*IMPORTANT*: Please DO NOT ask when we will be finished with this mod as it puts way too much pressure on the team and myself. So like Team-Gizka said with their restoration mod “It will be done when it is done”.
Don't worry: I won't.
The fourth and final part will consist of the fourth 3 areas/worlds “Lehon (Rakata Prime or The Unknown World), The Star Forge, and Sleheyron” along with all galaxy wide missions that may come along with those areas/worlds.
Do any modules for Sleheyron even exist?

This is an extremely ambitious project. If this announcement was made by a bunch of newbie modders, it wouldn't have gotten a second glance, but I know that you all are capable of it if anyone is. I wish you all the best of luck in this venture!

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