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I agree. There's so much that can be done in fanfiction but it seems like most fans just want to stick to one idea...or stick to several ideas. There doesn't seem to be that much creativity in something that should be fun and creative.

Raz having no mom
This bothers me. I feel the only reason why someone would put that in a story is for angst, or that they feel that Raz doesn't have enough backstory already. It's a cheap, quick way of adding history and it's plan unimaginative. If you're going to add a backstory it should be interesting. You're own little touch on the character.

I do agree with you that Sasha isn't as big of a workaholic as some people make him out to be. However I still do believe he has a strong work ethic. Does he enjoy his work, I think yes. Is it the only thing going on in his life, no. There might even be some adversity to working as shown in his memories. It doesn't look like he'll ever want to work on shoemaking ever again.

Shoemaking is not a word. Thanks spellcheck, I know that.
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