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Originally Posted by SykoRevan
I've always hoped that someone would try to restore content such as Sleheyron and the Ancient Rakatan Temple on Tatooine, and while prior thoughts of restoring cut content in K1 were overshadowed by the efforts of Team Gizka and the TSLRP, I'm glad some people are taking an interest in adding to the original KotOR. Now there's 2 things I can't wait to see: TSLRP and now K1RP. I wish Team Jawa the best of luck.
Thanks SykoRevan that really boosts our moral!

Originally Posted by Qliveur
Do any modules for Sleheyron even exist?

This is an extremely ambitious project. If this announcement was made by a bunch of newbie modders, it wouldn't have gotten a second glance, but I know that you all are capable of it if anyone is. I wish you all the best of luck in this venture!
Actually none of the Sleheyron modules exist but we do think the lightmaps, walkmesh, and models do so we will be able to piece them together after we find out if they do or not.

Also, thanks for the words of encouragement towards my team and I. We all really appreciate it.

Originally Posted by Dashus
Being a programmer myself, if I see good code that looks useful, I will use it. However, I feel that in the interest of protecting the original creative work of Razorfish, and subsequent additions by myself and killerbob, it must be pointed out that the "site designer" is, in fact, Razorfish, not yourself, and you would do well to at least recognize that, even if the code was not lifted from our site (which I suspect), the idea, and therefore the 'design', was. Just my two cents.
Sorry Dashus I really did not think about it to tell you the truth. Your site just looks really awesome and I look up to you guys so I though I might try to give that same style a go for my own restoration project site. I have added under my name in the "Restoarion Party" page that Razorfish did in fact create the style for the site I just am using it. Thank you for bringing that to my attention though as I do not want to create waves over something that could have been avoided like that. So sorry and I will completely recognize Razorfish's contribution to the style anyway I can.

@Everybody: Thanks for all of the great support guys we are really looking forward to getting started on this project and this support really helps. So thank you everybody!

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