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Fedaration of Bounty Hunters

Clan- Federation of Bounty Hunters/FBH
Leader-Fleet Admiral FBH_Zekk
Age Limit 13+
All Factions

FBH is a very honorable clan who takes pride in skill, and attitude. We have an Army for ground maps and a Navy for Space maps. We are undefeted with aproximately one hundred members.

Link to Site: The Federation of Bounty Hunters
(Beware if you come and spam our boards your actions will be delt with harshly)

Black Ace Number Seven.
Lieutenant Commander FBH_RokcetMan.
Callsign RocketMan.
Space Superiority.
A-Wing/Tie Intercepter/CIS StarFighter.

"Those who laugh at another's fortune are weak themselves for they do not have it."-FBH_Zekk

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