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Originally Posted by iamtheman83
The following is a much easier sollution to applying the patch:

After copying the 'GAMEDATA' files as mentioned by the original poster, install the game conventionally through the actual setup program so you can then copy the modified files after applying patch 1.01. Then add them into the "custom made" directory you put all the 'GAMEDATA' files into - there will be quite a few instances where it will ask you to replace a file - only replace CURRENT files (take note of the dates! E.g. the old ones will be 1998, when the game was made).

Or, you could use this modified Lancher: - then apply the patch.

P.S. Disabling Hyper-Threading in your BIOS seems to have stopped the random crashing/lockup issue.

This guy is absolutely right it worked for me, but I don't think he explained it very clearly.

1) Copy the files as the tutorial says, but stop at his step #5

2) Install the game like normal (install it in a different folder, defaults to C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Grim instead of \Grim Fandango)

3) Run the .exe patch file (this patches the files that the CD installed, not the ones you copied over yourself in step 1)

4) Go into the C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Grim directory, right click, select Arrange Icons By, and click Modified.

5) Copy the files that have a different date from the others (i.e. 2/22/2007 instead of 10/17/1998)

6) Paste them in the directory you made in step 1 (C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Grim Fandango) and click Yes to All when asked if you want to replace files.

7) Delete the old directory (\Grim) and you're good to go!
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