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Reibe, can I ask you something?" Jahara said softly in a pause in their training. Reibe smiled faintly.

"You can ask me anything," she answered. Jahara said nothing for a moment.

"I can feel Charna," she finally admitted. "She stands out like a beacon in the Force, but not just any sort of beacon. I think the Force is calling me to her... drawing me into a confrontation."

"The Force works in mysterious ways," Reibe answered carefully. "I will meditate on this with you."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Charna despised the Hutts. However, if her master would send her to them, she would go without complaint. Besides, he was right. She was the best person for this job. Bowing her respect to Tepe, she rose and left the room, heading back to the shuttle that would take her to her flagship.

"Inform the Eagle's Fire we are on our way," she instructed the shuttle pilot. "And have them lay in a course. We're going to see the Hutts."

The pilot nodded his agreement and the shuttle lifted off, rising toward Charna's ship in orbit.
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