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Originally Posted by steven
"Knock yourself out, if you can do it a few priests of mine need a good talking to." Adria said tp Kenshin "I dought your here to translate a tablet. What can I do for you General?" She said, turning her intention to Portia.
Kenshin disliked the term of kid but to the seasoned warriors, he was a mere child compared to them, but he could hold his own. He took the tome and began to read it. His mind went to work on translation and retranslation, all without the aid of paper.

General Portia couldn't help but be proud of Kenshin. Ever since he proved himself against a gang of pirates, she was ready to accept his word. Not always at the drop of a hat but she respected his opinions. The fact that he was handsome didn't escape her but she never dwelt on it. She turned her attention to Adria and said, "I am sure you are well aware that the treaty that was signed fifty years ago regarding my merchant fleet and trade betwen our two provinces is up for renegotiation."

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