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Originally Posted by DarthZayne
how can you guys have bad felling ??? its still George Lucas the dirrector of the TV Live Serie. have you lost fate in him ? btw i dont want anyone els to get is hand on lucas work.

iam sure that serie will be an instant classic like everything lucas have done in hes life.
Well, I actually agree with you there. There's lots of Lucas-bashing going on, but he IS Star Wars, and even if the recent movie trilogy hasn't been all top-notch (like a certain gungan already mentioned...), I really don't see who else would do Star Wars better.

So it's not that I'm trying to badmouth the show or anything. It could be great. But I've invariably learned that it's best to expect the worst in these cases. That way, you're more often pleasantly surprised than horribly disappointed, so I'm trying to cut my expectations of this show down to zero and just wait and see what we get.

I hear it's going to be all new characters, which is fine. I'm still hoping Vader will turn up now and then, though. After the prequel trilogy, we need to see the armored Vader show people who's boss - that was the only thing I missed a bit in RotS. Not Vader as a major bad guy that needs to be killed - that would be pointless, since you cannot let him die - but just death incarnate on the show, whenever he turns up. That could be a bit cool if done right, I think.

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