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proposal: add launch button for imperial carrier ships
why?: right after they enter battle they spawn fighters on its own which get destroyed almost on sight by corvetes, I'd like to command "fighters launch" personally, when i see it appropriate. and its great suprise for opposing force
imba: is there any??

proposal: lower corvets antifighter accuracy (dmg is ok) and lower fighters damage against big ships
why?: one tartan and most of fighters go bye bye (with really careful micro, u can save x wing squadron with locked s-voils)
imba: danger of abusing fighter spam

proposal: in single player GC game add ability to withdraw single ship, single fighter squadron, single inf team, single mechanised team from battle (by single team i mean whole team not squad or one vechicle). To balance this a bit make reinforce/repair cost some credz, and maybe restrict number of teams in one army. In skirmish add possibility of restoring destroyed ships/imp space station hardpoints, add possibility of replenishing lost fighter squadrons at carrier ships, add possibility of replenishing/reinforcing decimated fighter squadrons.
why?: makes game less "cannon fodderish" and gives player more control of his force
imba: its single player, what imba??

and for pete's sake, TONE DOWN CONSORTIUM!!!! THATS AN IMBA!!!!

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