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What I hated about the PT:

1. Lucasís crappy writing and crappy directing. It made the brilliant cast he had look bad.

2. The overuse of CGI pissed me off. The visual effects looked so fake, so cartoonish. Very Disney like. Like an Xbox 360 game!

3. Was I the only one that found the lightsaber duels (except for the one in TPM) way too over-elaborated and corny?

4. Jar-Jar.

5. Boy Anakin.

6. Fake Queen Amidala from TPM.

7. Jar-Jar.

8. The Gungans.

9. Jar-Jar.

10. Crappy romance plot between Anakin and Padme.

11. Lots of cringe-worthy dialogue that even the greatest actors would struggle with. I canít blame Christensen and Portman for their poor performances. They tried!

12. Jar-Jar.

13. No humorous moments or wonderful characterization like the OT had.

Note that this is all just my opinion. I didnít like any of the PT movies.

The OT was weird for me. ANH was awesome. It is what started it all. But then TESB goes up a notch, with a memorable plot twist that surprised me, great humour and character development, good performances from Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, great writing and more of that legendary Darth Vader! It was so damn intriguing!

RotJ was a let down for me. To me, it showed that Lucas couldíve completed the original Star Wars saga in two movies. The acting, writing and characterization went down a notch. It was just more of what we already saw in ANH and TESB. It lacked the captivation ANH and TESB had for me.

Iíd rank them:

1. The Empire Strikes Back 10/10
2. A New Hope 9/10
3. Return of the Jedi 7/10
4. Attack of the Clones 4/10
5. Revenge of the Sith 3/10
6. The Phantom Menace 2/10

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