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Originally Posted by Bob Lion54
Yea, I've heard a few different interviews where the actors said he was incredibly patient. He knew he was the only real veteran actor and he helped his younger costars.

Also by all accounts, no one on the set disliked him. Probably because they saw him as pre-SciFi generation actor. I doubt many actors his age at the time would have loved the role.
I remember hearing similar things, from somewhere. Most of the actors were pretty green in the business. Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamil, they weren't big actors and didn't have as much experience as Sir Alec. They were young and goofy, while Alec was this mature, seasoned, professional actor tolerating it all.

He did a great job he really made the character. I kind of want to see other things he's been in. All I've ever seen him in is the really old "Oliver" where he played Fagin.

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