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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part VI: Duel of the Fates

The battle on TRAMOND XXV is finally over. Many lives have been ended in the battle, with only several survivors. All three factions have been reduced to fewer than one hundred fighters in each faction.

On the way to MALACHOR V, SERA TANA realises that REVAN will be on the planet and she knows that she will have to fight him. Once friends, now enemies, the two of them will fight, during the midst of the biggest battle in the MANDALORIAN WARS...


Revan stood, alone on the top of the mountainous climate of Malachor V. He now wore a mask to hide his corruption to the dark side and his new black robe, identified him as a servant and disciple of the dark side. His best friend, Malak was with the Republic soldiers and Jedi who had fallen to the dark side with him. Now, the Forces of Corruption, as Revan liked to call his new army, were preparing to fight off the last of the Mandalorians and their former allies, the ones who managed to remain loyal to the Republic and the Jedi Order. As Revan stood, he thought about the one he loved. Sera Tana. He knew that she would soon find him and he would have to kill her, if she wouldn’t join him, on the path of darkness.


Sera woke up and could see the surface of Malachor V below. A precognition in the Force had warned Sera that Revan was on Malachor, the one place where the Mandalorian Wars would finally end. All those battles, all those arguments with the Jedi Council, had finally come to this. She knew that she had to fight him.

Before leaving for Malachor, Sera had promised Quallan that she would stop Revan from taking other people down the path he had taken. Sera regretted killing Quallan, but she had to stop him from making his life or anyone else’s worse. Quallan was once one of the greatest Jedi Sera had ever known, but when she fought against him on Tramond XXV, he had changed. He was no longer the courageous Jedi Sera had known, but he had become a pawn of the dark side. Revan had ruined his life.

Sera walked across the ship, past the Republic soldiers and Jedi Knights who had managed to survive the last lot of battles. The Zabrak technician, Bao-Dur sat on the edge of the vessel, looking out at all the Mandalorians who were already waiting for their enemies on the surface.

“Bao-Dur,” Sera began, immediately capturing the young Zabrak’s attention.

“Yes General?” Bao-Dur asked.

“We’re on Malachor,” Sera told him, “What a waste to fight on such a beautiful planet, teeming with life.”

Sera looked out at the innocent planet. The froglike creatures, which were known as Gizka, hopped around, unaware of the battle that would soon take place. The Mandalorians had already built their base on the planet and were using their weapons to bring many Republic ships crashing to the ground. Many of those ships were ones Bao-Dur had built, specifically for the use of a new military weapon that would end this war, the Mass Shadow Generator.

“Will the Mass Shadow Generator still work?” Sera asked Bao-Dur.

“Of course General,” Bao-Dur told her, “But it will come with a terrible price.”


Malak walked towards Revan. He could sense Revan was in deep thought. Was it to do with the war? Malak guessed so. Even though Revan had always been so sure of himself, he had always been quiet and secretive about the war. Malak was Revan’s closest friend, yet he wouldn’t tell him anything anymore. Malak was becoming worried.

“Revan!” Malak called out, “Revan, are you alright?”

Revan didn’t reply. Something was definitely troubling him, but what? Malak continued to walk towards Revan, hoping that he knew how much Malak was concerned for him.

“Revan, what is troubling you, please let me know,” Malak continued, walking closer and closer towards his friend, before placing his hand on Revan’s shoulder, “I want to help.”

Revan immediately turned around and knocked Malak to the floor. Malak wasn’t sure if it was an accident or if it was on purpose, but Revan was angry. Malak could see the anger in his face. Revan ignited his Lightsaber and held it at Malak’s jaw. Malak was afraid of what Revan would do next, but he used the Force to hide his fear. He didn’t even have the strength to get his own Lightsaber out and strike back.

“Revan!” Malak shouted, “What are you doing?”

Revan kicked Malak, down the steep mountain and Revan slid down with him.

“Please let me help you,” Malak continued, “I’m your friend!”

Revan grabbed Malak and despite the fact that Malak was slightly taller than his companion, Revan had managed to pick him up without ease.

“You don’t tell me what to do, my young apprentice,” Revan warned Malak, “Once you were my friend, but times are changing and so am I?”

“Revan, please don’t hurt me,” Malak told him, “What did I ever do to you?”

Revan threw Malak to the floor and kicked him again. Malak was bleeding from all the kicks Revan had given him. What would Revan do next?

“The old woman has made me who I am now,” Revan told him, bringing his Lightsaber onto Malak’s jaw.

Malak shouted in pain, unable to speak.


Sera had landed on Malachor a while ago. She could sense everything that Revan was doing. She could sense him hurting Malak, she could sense him, in pain and depression and she could sense the dark side within him. Sera knew that she had to find Revan, before he caused any more damage. First Quallan, now Malak, who next?

“I’ve been waiting for you, Sera,” A familiar voice echoed from behind her.

Sera turned around. Revan stood behind her, emotionless.

“You can’t stop me,” Revan continued, “I have become more powerful than you and the masters.”

“Revan, turn away from this path,” Sera warned, “The dark side only leads to death and destruction.”

Revan began laughing.

“Jedi propaganda,” Revan told Sera, “Their code is flawed, just like the teachings they have learnt since the day they became Jedi. Sith on the other hand are strong and incapable of error. Join me Sera and together, we can take over the galaxy and use it to our advantage.”

“Revan, I’ve loved you all my life,” Sera told Revan, “But I’m afraid that I can’t let you hurt anyone else.”

The End

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