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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part IX: Apathy is Death

The tomb of LUDO KRESSH. A long forgotten tomb on KORRIBAN. It has been rediscovered by the JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA and her two companions, ATTON RAND and MICAL. With KREIA’s teachings echoing through Sera’s mind, Sera is to enter the tomb alone, taking three tests, showing her past and her future.

After completing two tests of her past, including joining REVAN and MALAK in the MANDALORIAN WARS and helping the REPUBLIC forces on DXUN, Sera is reunited with KREIA. But she has changed. In ways that the tomb might be responsible for…


Sera Tana, the Jedi Exile, walked through the sinister tomb of Ludo Kressh. She walked through the tomb. Sera opened the ancient door in front of her and saw a figure in the distance. Who was it? Sera wanted to find out. It couldn’t be any worse than the previous two visions she had experienced. Sera walked towards the figure and Sera knew who it was. Under the black hood of the figure’s robe, Sera could see that it was Kreia. Normally, Kreia was dressed in a brown robe and had white eyes. Now her eyes had become black. A common facial appearance in the dark side or so Sera thought. Kreia looked up and noticed her. She spoke immediately.

“You are to be commended for making it this far,” Kreia told Sera, “How do you feel?”

Okay, Sera thought, this is different to the other two visions. The last vision had Sera helping her old Republic forces attack the Mandalorians and the vision before that had Sera being recruited into the Mandalorian Wars.

“I don’t know Kreia,” Sera told her, “This tomb has… changed me and I’m not sure I like it. I want to leave this tomb as soon as…”

“Don’t worry,” Kreia told her, her voice now comforting, “The others and I will help you understand.”

Others? Like…

“Get away from her!” Atton’s voice shouted from behind both Sera and Kreia, “She’s a Dark Jedi.”

“What makes you say that?” Sera asked, playing along with the visions as she had done before.

Kreia ignited her Lightsaber and instead of her Lightsaber with a green blade, it was red. Red, the colour of the dark side, but Sera had met many Jedi who had used a red Lightsaber.

“Atton, I’ve had enough of your snide contempt!” Kreia shouted at Atton, threatening him with her Lightsaber.

Atton in turn ignited his Lightsaber, a yellow blade hummed to life, in tune with Kreia’s Lightsaber. Atton also threatened Kreia with his Lightsaber, but both of them kept their distance. Atton and Kreia were fighting and Sera was stuck in the middle. She had to stop them, before any of them did something stupid.

“Atton no,” Sera told him, “There is still hope for redemption. Many from the dark side have returned to the light. I mean, look at Revan.”

That didn’t work. The Iridonian, Bao-Dur entered the small room. He ignited his double-bladed blue Lightsaber.

“Stay out of this Bao-Dur!” Kreia warned, “This is a personal dispute between Atton and myself.”

Bao-Dur looked angry. As he stood next to Atton.

“You’re threatening Atton with a Lightsaber and I should just stay out of it?” Bao-Dur asked, before answering his own question, whispering, “No.”

As Kreia, Atton and Bao-Dur threatened each other with different flurries with their Lightsabers the utility droid, T3-M4 entered the room. He supported Atton and Bao-Dur, beeping his feelings on the matter.

“The three of you would challenge me?” Kreia asked, provoking Atton with her Lightsaber, before turning to Sera, “It is true, I have fallen to the dark side. You have but only two choices on this matter. Will you aid your one handed master against your companions, or will you stand with them to defeat me and complete all that I’ve trained you to learn.”

“I haven’t fallen to the dark side Kreia!” Sera told her, “I need to think on this.”

As Sera thought, two of her other companions entered the small room. The Miraluka, Visas Marr and Mical the Disciple. In turn, Visas ignited her red Lightsaber and Mical ignited his double-bladed green Lightsaber. Sera stood in the middle of all of her friends, trying to make her decision.

“Think again Kreia!” Atton shouted, “Your dark influence will come to an end.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber, its blue blade lighting up the room, as the other Lightsabers had done.

“I…” She began, “It seems you all can’t work together any more and I’m no longer responsible for your actions. I stand alone.”

With those words, Kreia and the others glared at Sera.

“You refuse to side with anyone?” Kreia asked mockingly.

“You must choose a side,” Visas agreed.

“If you don’t choose a side, you’re no longer whole,” Mical continued.

“Meeting you was nothing but trouble,” Atton continued.

Sera stared at all of them.

“No,” She told them, “I’m not choosing a side and this tomb is messing with my mind. Now if any of you care about me, none of you should be fighting and help me in my quest to find the Jedi Masters.”

“You would choose apathy?” Kreia asked angrily, “Kill the apathy!”

“What did you say?” Sera asked, surprised at what she had said.

“Apathy is death,” Atton told her.

“Apathy is death,” Bao-Dur whispered.

T3 beeped the same thing, before the other companions continued.

“Apathy is death,” Mical warned her.

“Apathy is death,” Visas muttered.

“Kill the Apathy!” Kreia told them.

With those final words, everyone ran towards Sera. She was alone. Her companions had turned on her. The ones who had remained loyal to her, the ones who had helped her, the ones who had been honoured to be with her. Sera knew that killing her old friends would be the only way to escape the tomb. She wanted to leave the tomb as soon as possible. Sera used the Force to destroy T3, who disappeared. Sera turned towards the others. Their chanting became louder, echoing around the small room. Sera couldn’t escape the words, “Apathy is death”. Sera ducked as Bao-Dur tried to attack Sera. Dodging another attack from Bao-Dur, Sera immediately cut his legs off. Bao-Dur disappeared too. Two down, four to go. Sera rolled towards Mical, and beheaded him, who also disappeared. Visas raised her Lightsaber, ready to strike, but Sera immediately kicked her in the face, forcing her backwards. She disappeared too. Atton and Kreia were left. The tomb had influenced Sera to use the power of the dark side and she shot a bolt of lightning at Kreia, who didn’t block the attack and Sera killed Atton. Sera stood there, exhausted.


Sera had stood in the room for over an hour. She was devastated at what she had down to her friends. Why did she stand-alone? Had the power of the dark side taken her? Had the fact that her companions were threatening each other caused her to stand-alone? Or was it Kreia? Or was it the tomb itself? It was making her go insane. Sera knew that she had made a mistake. Coming to Korriban had been a mistake. The Jedi Master, Lonna Vash had been killed and she had learnt pointless lessons of the Sith. Sera sighed as she walked away.

“Consider yourself apathy Exile,” Kreia’s voice echoed in her head, but Sera turned around to see Kreia, “You are to be commended for making it this far.”

The entire vision had started itself off again. Would Sera ever leave the tomb of Ludo Kressh?

The End

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