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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part X: Joke’s on Me

The future is always set into motion. Or is it? Are KREIA’s teachings right? Or wrong? Learning the FORCE is very complex and learning of the future is also complicated.

After the civil war on ONDERON, prior to Kreia’s betrayal on DANTOOINE, on the EBON HAWK, Kreia teaches her current student, the JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA to see into a future. Looking into the future doesn’t mean that it will happen. They are shadows of possible events, as Sera will learn…


The Jedi Exile, Sera Tana, her master Kreia and Mandalore, leader of the Mandalorian Clan, Ordo arrived at the Ebon Hawk, which they had landed deep in the jungles of Dxun. Sera’s second trip to Onderon hadn’t been successful. Although she had managed to save Queen Talia from death and Master Kavar too. Atton Rand was already there waiting. He was waiting with Mical the Disciple and Mira. Mical, Mira and Mandalore got on board the Ebon Hawk, while Atton talked with Sera and Kreia.

“So how did your holiday in Onderon go?” Atton asked.

“Now, Onderon has only one leader,” Sera told him, “Queen Talia.”

“Well that’s good to hear,” Atton commented, “When two leaders are vying for power, it’s always the little guy who gets pushed around the most.”

“Let’s get going,” Sera told Atton, walking up the boarding ramp into the Ebon Hawk.

On the way back to Dxun, Kreia had told Sera that she had something to teach her. Something that was different to the other things Sera had learnt in the past. Sera was excited in a way. Despite her and Kreia’s different opinions of the Force and the galaxy, Sera still respected her wisdom.


Inside the port dormitory, Kreia sat down in a meditating position, Sera opposite. She also sat in the same position.

“Close your eyes,” Kreia told Sera, who immediately obeyed, “And listen only to my voice and nothing of the machinery of this vessel.”

Sera listened to Kreia’s words. She knew what Kreia was going to do. Kreia would go deep into her mind and show her the possible future. Whether it was good or bad, Sera had no idea. With Kreia’s help, Sera was learning how to read her companion’s minds. Sera’s thoughts were disturbed as her mind showed her the possible future.


In the distance, Sera noticed Darth Sion, fighting her companion, Atton Rand. Both red and yellow Lightsabers clashed with each other, as their wielders tried to find a weakness in each other. Sera couldn’t move. Sion had used the Force to stun her, yet Sera could still see what was happening. Atton’s grip on his Lightsaber was failing, as Sion broke Atton’s Lightsaber, with one swipe of his. Atton was left unarmed. There was no way he could win. Atton’s reaction to his Lightsaber being destroyed wasn’t quick enough and Sion forced his Lightsaber into Atton. As soon as Sera was released from her stun, she ran towards Atton and grabbed him. Atton’s eyes slowly opened and he was surprised to see Sera.

“You’re… alive!” Atton began, ailing in pain, “Did I save you yet?”

“Yes,” Sera told him, tears starting to pour down from her eyes.

“You’re eyes, that bad huh?” Atton asked, starting to cough, “Always was ugly. Now the outside matches.”

Sera wiped a tear from her eye before speaking again.

“What are you talking about?” Sera asked, confused.

Atton continued to cough, his coughs becoming more painful, but he was trying to stay alive as long as he could.

“Was waiting for this, but… not fair,” He continued, “Let you down, was supposed to save you. Tired of living anyway. Too many deaths. Never told you. Lied to you.”

“Atton?” Sera asked, hoping he would stay alive a while longer.

“I don’t want you to see me like this, I don’t want to die in front of you, can’t bear it,” Atton told her, knowing that what he was saying, was hard for Sera to understand, because of his condition, “Loved you from the moment, I saw you. Thought you were a dream, meant every word. Tried to play it off as a joke, wasn’t funny.”

Both Sera and Atton laughed, but Atton was coughing even more violently. The two of them stopped and Atton let his hand touch Sera’s face. It would be the last time the two of them would ever meet.

“Hurts when I laugh, hurts. You saved me. Joke’s on me. Hurts when I laugh, hurts…”

With those words, Atton died and Sera cried, alone.


Sera’s mind returned to normal and she didn’t speak. Kreia smiled at seeing her speechless.

“That can’t happen,” Sera told Kreia, breaking her silence, “I won’t it let it happen, I…”

“Hush,” Kreia interrupted, “There is something about you that has changed. You have feelings for the fool, don’t you?”

Kreia was right? But was she? Sera and Atton had always got along, ever since they had met on Peragus, a while ago. Sera felt that their relationship had grown stronger, since she had trained him in the ways of the Force, but, he couldn’t die. He seemed stronger than her, even under Kreia’s hating of him. Sera got up, sensing that they had landed on Dantooine. Sera sensed that the Jedi Masters had returned to Dantooine. She needed to hurry, since she didn't want to keep them waiting all day.

The fool will suffer, Kreia thought, as Sera left the dormitory.

The End

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