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The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part XI: The Wanderer

“Safe journey exile,” Admiral Carth Onasi muttered as I left his office.

I knew where I had to go now. It was the place I once fought on and the one place I had to destroy. The echoes in the Force had to be stopped and Malachor V was the planet causing it. The Telos Citadel Station was safer now, after Darth Nihilus’ attack on the station, but I wondered if Telos would be attacked again. Atris had given the information of the last of the Jedi’s whereabouts to the Sith. However, these Sith weren’t the same Sith who had been trained under Nihilus. No, these Sith were assassins that I had never fought before. None of them had wielded lightsabers before and none of them used the Force. They had been hunting me, stalking me like an over crazed Wookiee. They have been doing that since my adventure on the mining facility near Peragus.

As I entered the hangar, my closest companion, Atton Rand stood waiting for me. He had been there for me, since our first meeting with each other on Peragus. I wanted to ignore him and get Malachor over with, but I knew Atton would ask about what had happened with the admiral.

“Hey beautiful,” Atton began, as I entered the Ebon Hawk, “How was the meeting with the admiral?”

I looked at him, but didn’t give him an answer. Something told me that I wouldn’t see Atton or any of my friends ever again. I never liked the fact that they were all loyal to me, but all my companions hated each other, for reasons unknown. According to my master Kreia, I was a leader to them, but I wondered if this new leadership had brought a curse to my friends. Similar things happened in the Mandalorian Wars, but at least they wouldn’t suck up for my attention.


Inside the Ebon Hawk, I walked past all my companions. None of them tried to speak to me, since they all knew that I wasn’t in the mood to talk. Malachor wasn’t too far away, but I wondered what Malachor had become. When the Mass Shadow Generator was activated, I was horrified at the sight of Malachor defeating all life on the planet. I felt lucky to have survived that battle, but I had to live with the many deaths of my former Jedi brothers and sisters. It had pained me for years and I knew that this final battle would get rid of the scars of war.

Extra Information - Coming Soon

The Sera Tana Saga

PreKOTOR- interim between KOTOR and TSL: Short pieces linked to an as yet unfinished five part Saga.

Topsite has been reviewed before and has been handled harshly at times, but bounces back. There are wording problems ‘waited’ instead of waiting, but everything I saw was something that could be corrected by merely editing and polishing. Those who might have read my first excerpt posting from my off-SW Mirror of My love will note that Jae told me I had used you’re instead of your, and it took me a week to find it even knowing where it was!

Good work.

for info as trivial as this, just edit your previous post instead of double posting especially when the new information is posted less than an hour after the last post. thank you. ~stingerhs

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