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I was:

A Consular/Master/Lord

Single Viridian/Red blade wielder, buffed with myname crystal and the Kasha crystal. I also favor the Jal Shey and Makutai items, and the Pheromone Package.

Robes, as they are do not block FP. My favorite are the Ossus Keeper Robes, due to the CHA, WIS, and INT bonuses. Also, you always can get them, as they are always in the Onderon artifacts, along with the Viridian crystal.

As for powers, as LS I favor Valor for the bonuses on everything, Speed for the extra attacks, and Energy Resistance as its long-lasting, with Enlightenment later on, of course. Then I spam Wave. As DS, I use Plague as it's unsaveable, and Scream if the target(s) needs some more weakening. Then I use Kill or Crush in a duel, or Storm in a large battle.

Form? I use Potency mostly as DS, and Mastery mostly as LS. I sometimes use Makashi against Jedi, other than that, I don't use Saber forms, just my precious caster-only force forms.
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