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What should the True Sith BE Like?

I didn't see anything directly relating to this topic in the forum, so I apologize if I missed it (in which case I would be more than willing to delete this thread or move it to the appropriate place).

As the title says, what should the True Sith be like? How should they act? This came from a thread in another Kotor III forum that I really liked and decided should be here as well. This is what I personally came up with:

I think the cold and passionless character of him is perfect. Jedi are like Buddhists, that try to remove all emotion through contemplation of nature (the force). Sith are Darwinian Romantics that embrace and revel in emotion as a tool to increase the potency of the force.

It would make sense that the true sith would be completely emotionless, just coldy calculating- in other words, true psychopaths. Unlike the jedi, they wouldn't deny their emotions because they are afraid of acting impartially, but because they aren't willing to surrender their judgement to anything outside themselves. Motivated purely by the drive for perfection and power. Not FEELING hate, because they NATURALLY hate everything besides themselves. Not feeling LUST, because all they care about are themselves.

I also like the idea of them NOT using lightsabers, since that would certainly help distinguish them, but I've got an alternative option. If any of you have played Planescape: Torment, then you know all about Dakkon's magical sword that is formed by will. I think it would be awesome if the True Sith all used these weapons- essentially wielding pure force WITHOUT an actual lightsaber. They could go from fighting you with a single-bladed weapon, then transition to a double-bladed one, then maybe a spear-type one. An additional feature would be that YOU wouldn't be able to wield these weapons unless you went fully dark side.

Look forward to hearing other ideas!
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