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"Jedi Trainees," Jasra said glumly to Brax as they watched Atton and Bastila being led away by Lord Vros and his cloned army of Revans. "All this for stupid Jedi trainees." She sighed, hugging her knees to her chest as she sat in the middle of her Force cage. She looked upward at the Ysalamiri creatures affixed to tree limbs that were suspended above each cage. “What do they eat anyway?”

“The trainees? They probably eat the same things as….”

“No, not the trainees,” Jasra interrupted. She pointed upwards. “Those things.” She sighed. “You know, Brax, I liked it a lot better when we had our ‘connection’ thing going. I’m beginning to feel… lonely without hearing you in my head.”

Brax nodded and smiled grimly. “Me, too, love.” He looked up at the Ysalamiri. “As I recall, I believe the creatures sustain themselves by sucking out the nutrients they find in the tree limbs they are attached to.”

“Yeah, but the tree limbs aren’t attached to anything,” Jasra pointed out. “Doesn't that mean that they’ll eventually run out of food?”

“Eventually.” Brax snorted. “How long they can survive without sustenance is a subject upon which I have no knowledge.”

There was a muffled scream of protest in the direction Bastila and Atton had been taken, and Jasra’s brow furrowed with worry. “Brax,” she said determinedly, “we have got to get out of here. When Vros is finished with Bastila and Atton, he’ll come back for either you or me. And I can’t handle going into that machine again.” She shivered, then looked up at the creatures again. “We’ve got to kill these things.”

Brax fluttered his gauntleted fingers allowing the claws at his fingertips to scrape against each other. “I would gladly oblige if I could, love.” He punched at the force field that surrounded him. His blow caused some sparking and flickering but did nothing to the integrity of the glowing blue energy surrounding him. He then scraped his claws along the floor of the cage. They didn’t leave even a single scratch mark. He shrugged with defeat.

“There’s got to be a way out.” Jasra sighed. “We’re just not seeing it.”

“The only way out is for the force field to be disabled from the outside,” Brax stated.

Jasra thought for a moment, then grinned. “You’re right. That is the only way.” She coughed a few times. “You know, Brax, I’m not feeling too well all of a sudden. I think that Vros’ Force Extracting machine must have messed up my metabolism or something. Maybe it has something to do with having a Force Bond with a non-human. A Force Bond that I’m now cut off from.”

Brax raised a guarded eyebrow. “Oh?”

Jasra coughed, more loudly this time. “I might need some medical attention. I’m feeling all… queasy. And weak.” She laid down on the floor of her cage and then winked at him before slowly closing her eyes. “Very, very weak.”

Brax began to grin with understanding. Then he quickly suppressed his smile and shouted, “Hey! Someone help! My mate is… ill!”

Jasra cracked an eye open and frowned. “Ill?” she mouthed.

Brax frowned back at her with frustration, then shrugged. He cleared his throat. “Guards! Guards! Please, someone! Anyone! Hurry! She’s losing consciousness!”

“Dying,” Jasra suggested discretely between coughs.

“She’s dying! Help!” Brax raised a brow in query.

Jasra listened for a moment. “Louder,” she said again between more coughs.

“GUARDS!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. “GUARDS!!”

Jasra grinned, then closed her eyes again and feigned being sick.

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