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"Jedi." Kira breathed, finishing Tylor's sentance.

Atton grabbed the communicator. "Can you tell where they're landing, Tylor?"

After recording a few coordinates on his datapad, the pilot returned the comm. to Revan.

"They're just a few kilometers east, but it doesn't seem like Tylor knows exactly how many people and ships there are. I think it'd be best if someone scouts the area."

"Revan," Kira looked to him, already beginning east, "Copy the codes from Atton. We'll go and scout things out and watch for them landing--"

"Actually," Atton stepped up quickly, starting to follow Kira, "I already have the grid and coordinates set up on my datapad. Don't worry about it Revan - I'm sure the Ebon Hawk could use some tending to from your expertise."

And before he could protest, the two were gone.

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