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Originally Posted by Kas'!m
I don't mean to sound treasonous, but I hope Bush does die; he's driving this great nation into the ground. I have a feeling our fall is going to be a lot worse than France's.
Oh yeah: it'd be sooo much better if Cheney were president. Cheney is the best life insurance policy that Bush could ever have.
Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Meh. The film was quite a bit kinder to Bush than could have been expected, but the potential for his death (or anyone else's who was significant enough) to be used simply as an excuse for greater aggression was right on the money. There's not much I'd put past them at this point.
Especially Cheney.

"They should rename the team to the Washington Government Sucks. Put Obama on the helmet. Line the entire walls of the stadium with the actual text of the ACA.
Fix their home team score on the board to the debt clock, they can win every game 17,000,000,000,000 to 24. Losing team gets taxed by the IRS 100%, then droned."

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