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Seraxis quickly went around the facility after receiving the message and rounded up the Hunters, telling them Strider was on his way back and had some important things to talk about.


Strider arrived back at the docking station. He changed back into attire more fitting of a Sith Hunter - his traditional red, tattered cloak and black leather outfit - and entered the station. He was greeted by the old man, who just smiled and went back to tinkering without question as to what rushed the Hunter. He entered the room they had turned into their main meeting room, and stood with seemingly greater commanding presence than ever before, as the chattering Hunters immediately came to a hush when he stepped in.

"I've returned with two things of use for us," he said, his voice echoing in the now quiet chamber.

He set out the datapad and the black box.

"This datapad contains information about the Sith Hunters from the start of their creation to now. It was thought to have been lost when it ended out to be just the three of us, but I found it many years ago at the death site of our old Historian, who's long been dead, may the Force be with him. Why is it important? It lets us know where we went wrong in previous generations, and we can use it to perhaps allow us to make a decision now, which is another thing I'm going to talk about later," Strider explained.

"This," he continued, putting his hand on the black box. "Is something unheard of, and was given to be by gift of my old Master. It is a Relic of the Force, and carries with it a substantial amount of Force sensitivity. I urge each of you to meditate with it at least once before we return to action, as it led to the unlocking of many of my own extraordinary abilities, I believe it will help enlighten you to your own," Strider informed.

Finally it was time for Strider to address the issue of the war.

"I'm going to say some things now that may shock some of you, that may make you question what it is that's been going through my head. I come to you with my analysis of the war, and our standing," he started. "The Dominion, though stretching itself thin now in the war, is holding the upper hand. I'm not saying we should join the winning side, but along with that triumph, they've also created better economies for the planets they takeover and the civilians prefer the apparently more secure lifestyle under the Dominion under the mess that was the Republic. Although we haven't quite been fighting in favor for the Galactic Republic because they house the Jedi that are against us, our efforts against the Dominion certainly work in favor of the Alliance regardless. I know it would be against every morale, every cause the Sith Hunters have ever traditioned themselves in believing, but it's hard to admit to myself that what we're doing would be forcing people to live under a system that would be more economically and socially enduring for them. I know that the leader is a Sith, and that we do not want the hands of the leadership of the Dominion to fall into the hands of another Sith Lord like Palpatine, but I believe that if watched, monitored, and even possibly controlled correctly, the Dominion may not be such a wretched curse as we see it to be. I'm not saying we're going to usurp power, but it might be wise for us to watch the Sith Lords that come into office and become a force that keeps their power in check," Strider finally finished.

"So, having said that, my and sisters, what have you to say? These are dark times, and I rely on the guidance of my companions just as much as you rely on ours to get through the troubles that lie before us," Strider asked the group.

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