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Mouse can work with TIE95!

Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander
I don't think it supports the mouse. You must have a joystick or gamepad.
It doesn't natively support the mouse, but you can make it behave almost the same! I have written some PIE code which works with TIE95. This uses the PPJOY driver for joystick emulation, and will allow you to use your mouse for in-flight navigation in TIE Fighter. It also enables the arrow keys on the keyboard for fast turning.

Download PPJOY at

This requires some configuration. Follow the author's instructions to set up a virtual gamepad.

Next, download PIE (Programmable Input Emulator) from

Create a new script and paste in the following code:

//Code starts here
var.OldMouseX = MapRange(mouse.DirectInputX, 0,1023, -1,1)
var.OldMouseY = MapRange(mouse.DirectInputY, 0,767, -1,1)

wait 10 ms
ppjoy.Analog0 = 8*(MapRange(mouse.DirectInputX, 0,1023, -1,1) - var.OldMouseX)
ppjoy.Analog1 = 5*(MapRange(mouse.DirectInputY, 0,767, -1,1) - var.OldMouseY)

//Allow keyboard arrows to override the mouse
if key.Down then
ppjoy.Analog1 = 1

end if

if key.Up then
ppjoy.Analog1 = -1
end if

if key.Left then
ppjoy.Analog0 = -1
end if

if key.Right then
ppjoy.Analog0 = 1
end if

var.Analog0 = ppjoy.Analog0
var.Analog1 = ppjoy.Analog1

//ppjoy.analog2= mouse.ScreenFraction
ppjoy.digital0 = mouse.LeftButton
ppjoy.digital1 = mouse.RightButton
ppjoy.digital2 = mouse.MiddleButton
ppjoy.digital3 = mouse.XButton1
ppjoy.digital4 = mouse.XButton2
//Code ends here
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