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Originally Posted by SilentScope001
Offline all the way.


1. Online games like WoW require grinding. By yourself. I can do that in SP.
2. Offline games have better IQ than Online players. Sure, Online players play better, but at least an Offline AI has the decency to not talk back to you or curse at you or tell you how big their "poweress" is. The AI knows the wisdom of the "silence is golden" rule.
3. You are the only player in the Offline game, so you get to dictate what happens within the game. You create your own story. In an Online game, you cannot do that.
4. In an Online game, it has to be "balanced". The other side cannot be nerfed because if it does...oh no, game balance is destroyed, nobody have fun, and the game ends! Nooo!!11!!1!

In an Offline game, forget about game balance. You are the only player. All they have to worry about is making the game harder for you or making hte game easier for you, and they don't have to worry of the AI's "feelings" if they feel a buff or a nerf is necessary.
My thoughts exactly SS.

Originally Posted by cutmeister
That's what I'm hoping for. A game where a few friends (2-20, depending on the game) can play together to complete a game's objectives. In my formative years I enjoyed playing co-op arcade games like Gauntlet with my brothers. Now that we're older and live apart it would be great to have online gaming bring back the nostalgia of that experience for us.

I have neither the time to play nor desire to pay the monthly fees for MMO's. When I play multiplayer games like CounterStrike and HL2 I get pwned so there's not much fun for me there. Right now single player offline games rule my gaming world.
I would highly recommend two games. The first is the original Ghost Recon and the two expansion packs. You can have up to 8 players in coop mode complete the campaign of the game. The other would be Operation Flashpoint GOTY. Both are a blast to play. Just to let you know both games are more combat simulations then FPS.

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