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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett
I've totally been ignoring Audioslave's last few albums. I've always just looped their first album when I needed a fix so now I'm catching up on them. Doesn't Remind Me from their album Out of Exile is what I'm currently jamming to.
That's my favorite track on the album. Their newest one, Revelations, has some good ones as well: Revelations, One and the Same, Original Fire, and Shape of Things to Come (I like this one lots).

Recently I've been listening to:

Clint Mansell - The Fountain OST (pure lurrrrrve)

The Kronos Quartet - Requiem for a Dream OST (side effect of the above)

Collective Soul - A bunch of their more awesomer songs from all their albums, including (but not limited to!) Under Heaven's Skies, December, Home, Needs, Blame, Forgiveness, Turn, Why Pt. 2, and She Said.

Nine Inch Nails - Their entire "Broken" album. It's really good! I like all of the tracks on it. With other NiN albums I have I can usually skip a few tracks, but this one's full of good ones. Physical (You're So) and Happiness in Slavery are probably the best ones out of a great bunch.
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