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Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
On the other hand, Humans are really not ready for space travel, even if we have the technology. Think about it. On the rare occasion that we would meet another sentient species... *cough cough*
The readiness of socitey respect ot interstellar travel depends on this relation readiness~= reluctance/money x laziness if it cost more money or we give up too easily because it is to hard a task(laziness) we are not ready now or ever.
More reluctance we have; not give up on a hard task or worry about money issue, the more ready we are.
Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
I mean, lets hope that what whatever species we met would be way more advance than us, or I am darn sure we would pretty much beat the daylight out of them and enslave/exploit them, if they are lucky enough not to get a total genocide. Ordos Xenos...
Well, if that happen we would have a interstellar war on our hands.
Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
But practically, is it worth it to pull out the great adventure, when many of the planets on this little solar system is not even well explored? Hack, we did not even finish exploring deep oceans yet.
The only spheres I believe that is worth exploring in this star system is Jupiter's moons Europa and Callisto (maybe a global ocean underneath their crust), Saturn's moon Titan( it's the only moon that has a thick atmosphere and maybe have life under it's surface, of unknown composition).
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