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You've got a point there, now maybe Kyle could have killed Jan at the end of the game, with him trying to take the valley's power with Jerec's death. Might have been better, but thats me rambling.
I totally agree with you.

Besides, there's another thing that the game could've handled better.
If Kyle took the Light Side and escaped from the falling airship, we see him surrounded by three of the Dark Jedi (Boc, Sariss and Yun) in a FMV secuence, and eventually Kyle fights Sariss. It was a cool part, and I'm OK with it.
The problem is when Kyle takes the Dark Side; we see him once again escaping from the falling airship in the Moldy Crow, but then he fights Yun (out of nowhere) with the (lame) excuse of him "wanting revenge" in exactly the same place where Kyle fights Sariss. Seems as if the programmers were out of time, and in a rush they ended assembling the Dark Side path very similar to the Light Side path...

Although this bothered me a bit, nevertheless Jedi Knight is one of my favorite games of all time. It's just what other users said: It was one of the first games in the Star Wars universe to handle a completely new storyline, and the very first to feature a fully-functional lightsaber. We have to give the game credit for creating a great atmosphere to enjoy...

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