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Originally Posted by SithRevan
Well everybody I have been thinking about this for the past oh I'd say 2 to 3 days or so and I have finally made a decision. This project was originally going to be taking the content from the Xbox version of Kotor and using it to build the stuff that was taken out of it. We figured out that may be a little bit frowned upon by the Devs of this wonderful game. So right now I am making it perfectly clear the NO content from the Xbox version of Kotor will be extracted for use with this project. We are going to find other alternative ways to do what we want to do. It might be a little different but I promise you all that it will be just as much fun if not more fun then the original idea that BioWare had for this game.
Just out of curiosity but why are you excluding X-box content? If LucasArts and Obsidian had no problems with Team Gizka and Team Bantha using TSL X-box content. I highly doubt that BioWare would have problems with you KotOR content.

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