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Star Wars Infinities - Knights of the Old Republic

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Star Wars
Infinities - Knights of the Old Republic

The battle on the STAR FORGE is almost over. The dark lord of the SITH, DARTH MALAK was finally killed by his ex-master, the redeemed DARTH REVAN, now known as DIEGO VAREN.

Malak lured BASTILA SHAN, to the dark side, prior to the battle on the Star Forge. Revan believed that he managed to bring Bastila back to the light, through their love for each other. Little did Revan know, that Bastila had been manipulating him all along.

Luckily, Bastila managed to escape the Star Forge, with Revanís companions, inside the EBON HAWK, convincing them that Revan had died heroically in the battle with Malak. Instead of following the REPUBLIC forces to LEHON for the celebration, Bastila took the crew to the SITH planet of KORRIBAN, ready to begin the new SITH EMPIRE. The galaxy will soon be plunged into darkness, but is there still any hope?


Bastila Shan had become the dark lordess of the Sith, with the identity of Darth Bastila. She sat, waiting for her only apprentice, Tara Keto to arrive. Bastila had sent her to find her former companions who had rejected the path of the dark side. Carth Onasi and the Twi'lek Mission Vao had rejected and took the loyal Utility Droid, T3-M4 with them.

Bastila knew that they wouldn't be able to escape though. Nobody would escape the wrath of Darth Bastila.
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