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Sims 2. I've got a DCU Watchtower neighborhood, but I'm still waiting for someone to do a good wheelchair mod so I can have a proper Oracle.

Pirates: Live the Life - not heavily modded, but there are a few tweaks I've loaded. One adds blood to the sword hits. Another speeds up the sailing time (and the calendar) so you aren't sitting through long stretches of nothing from the Yucatan to Havana. Another takes out the items that don't do you any good.

Black and White 2 - I've figured out how to adjust the files that control resources, so I can make the game harder (same buildings cost more wood, people eat more grain), or easier (less grain or wood). Would love mods regarding the Creature, though. I never seem to know what to do with it, as I'm so "hands on" with the village.

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