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If somebody (who has taken the time to research this issue) will correct me if I'm wrong on this but all I see here is Lucasfilm working to protect its trademark.

- Digg wants to trademark the term DIGG and has filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to do so.
- Lucasfilm already owns a trademark for THE DIG from its 1995 computer game.
- Lucasfilm feels that DIGG is too close to THE DIG and so has filed in opposition to's trademark application for the term DIGG.
- If Lucasfilm prevails then won't have a trademark for DIGG and Digg will have to pay Lucasfilm's legal fees.
- If prevails then it will have sole rights to use DIGG as a trademark and Lucasfilm will still own THE DIG trademark but will have to pay whatever legal costs they incurred during the process.

That's it. End of story, right? So yeah, one may think this is trivial and Lucasfilm looks foolish for doing this but this is not a matter of Lucasfilm suing for a ton of money or something like that. I've read a lot of the blogging on this and for me this issue is an excellent illustration of how unreliable most of the information posted on the Internet is. Many people don't take the time to ensure they know what they are posting about before they do so.
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