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Things you might have missed the first time around.

Okay, so I was sort of bored today and granted myself a HUGE favor to go back and play Psychonauts for a bit. It's like a bit treat for me. I'm saving it to replay during the summer because thats when I first played it and it brings back so many summer memories and stuff now.

Anyways I got to the part after you beat basic braining and went over to the horny kid trying to look into the girls cabbin. I talked to him again and saw a whole new thing I had never seen before. Apparently he was using claivoriance with the squirrel to try and get a peek into the girls cabbin. I can't believe I missed this the first time through. Man I LOVE THIS GAME. I cant wait to replay the whole thing and see what I missed.

I just wanted to alert you guys to this. Anybody else ever do the same thing? See anything they missed the first time through? Or does anyone else wish they had a magical jet-pack that could take them to magical puppy land in the sky?

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