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Originally Posted by MetalMark
1: Gaurdian/Weapon Master of jedi master (watchmen or sith lord when DS)
2: Robes, or the Zeishon Sha armor
3: Double bladed saber: blue when LS and red when ds
4: Never use them
5: Plague and kill is a great combo. I also always have complete force lightning, death field, force wave and offcourse master heal. (when I play LS and get force enlightment I only have 2 or 3 powers and not evan maxed out)
that is interesting choice of force powers. Yes, the dark side powers are handy but seriously, storm is the only dark side power worth using on anything but bosses. The bonuses you get to you melee from having maxed valor, speed and barrier with force enlightenment are FAR more effective than the dark side powers you would be putting points into. Plague is good against bosses but if you are a weapons or jedi master, using enlightenment as i specified, you should not need to touch dark force powers except storm
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