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1. Sentinel/Jedi Master
2. Mostly robes, but it depends. Definitely Ossus Keeper Robes towards the ends. Most items tended to boost stats... a lot. And I used implants to the max by building Constitution.
3. Dual lightsabers. Various colours, but I preferred combinations of white and cyan, since I felt it reflected the exile better. I played him as LS, but he wasn't quite accepted as a jedi, so I felt it fitting he used none of the classic colours.
4. To be honest, I never cared much about lightsaber forms - they just didn't seem to make so much difference. I think I just switched on the force form that lets you regenerate force points the fastest and then left it there.
5. Definitely master speed, replaced by force enlightenment when I got it. A fair amount of energy resistance as well. All combined with Flurry. As a jedi master, I tend to use force powers, though. The strategy there was to hit the room with Force Wave, which knocked everbody over and stunned them (since my powers were hard to resist). Then I zapped them repeatedly with Force Storm while they were helpless and repeated the process as necessary

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