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Originally Posted by Matt S
the real problem is this.............

i still have all tthe monkey island games, one and 2 both on flopy disc and 3 and 4 on CD obviously.

The trouble is these days XP which im using doesnt always like DOS games and even the earlier windows designed programs can be 'iffy'

When my PC dies and i cant buy one with a floppy drive anymore then i wont be able to play 1 or 2 at all.
Oh, well there we can help.

Go download scummvm and run the games through them, works a treat on XP and it's perfectly legal.

Originally Posted by Mohunas
No, its only illegal if you sell it.

And by the way... I didn't know Monkey Island also came in floppy disc's
One, they came in floppy discs when they were first released, actually the floppy versions are probably more valuable considering how rare they are to find these days.

Two, copying and redistributing the games, regardless of whether money has changed hands or not is still illegal. In essence you've stolen from LucasArts by having a copy of the game but not paying them for it.

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