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Originally Posted by Matt S
The trouble is these days XP which im using doesnt always like DOS games and even the earlier windows designed programs can be 'iffy'
It's like tons of possibilities out there. ScummVM (for SCUMM games and more), VDMSound for "native Windows execution", or VMWare/QEMU/etc to emulate a PC to install DOS based systems on which will run literally any DOS game you may find.

When my PC dies and i cant buy one with a floppy drive anymore then i wont be able to play 1 or 2 at all.
You don't need to buy a PC with a floppy drive, because (A) you could take the floppy drive from the "died" PC or (B) can easily buy a USB floppy drive or (C) how about copying what's on the floppy to the harddisk, or more simple backup the directory where you installed the game.

There, stop whining, 3 working solutions for both of your real problems.

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