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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
You don't need to buy a PC with a floppy drive, because (A) you could take the floppy drive from the "died" PC or (B) can easily buy a USB floppy drive or (C) how about copying what's on the floppy to the harddisk, or more simple backup the directory where you installed the game.

There, stop whining, 3 working solutions for both of your real problems.
You could also burn such directories to a CD and either a)copy to new computer or b) play off of the CD. The nice thing about the first two monkey island games is that they're so old they can run without having to write anything to the registry, making them very portable (I seem to remember copying them to a USB drive and playing them off of that on any computer i wish to play them on, with savegame files and all)

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