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went to bed at around 10:30, woke up to alarm at 4, did some ab workout vid and put a song on my myspace. it's the one from that gears of war trailer. today i work 8-5 and then i have wednesday and thursday off. It is frosty outside, had to put on my face mask and warmed up the car...prolly gonna go and put $5 in the tank as i don't think the gas meter is telling the truth, and don't wanna run out. I think the transmission needs a checkup or a kick in the face, rpm was up to the 3 so i pull off to side of road, and 'restart' the car, and then it drives normal. wonder what up wit dat. for breakfast this morning i'm having cream of wheat, basically out of all food supplies! no bread, no milk, no eggs, nothing to drink cept water, but haven't hit rock bottom just yet...still got some stuff hidden, not healthy food least not healthy to make meals out of. (cookies and brownies for lunch and supper?)
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