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buddy called me last night asking me to be in his wedding party, said yes.

He's marrying the ex-best friend of my gf, I told her previously that if he asked I would say yes, I mean, just because they aren't getting along doesnt make me not his friend, she freaked anyways

and acted like I hadnt told her this before.

Turns out a large portion is that she doesnt think she is going to be asked to be in the wedding party which hurts her feelings, even though she said she doesnt want to be anyways

College age girls.......its just like HS still

the kicker of course, the wedding isnt untill June 2008 and they got engaged on its not like there isnt time to remedy her situation before hand.

She also said she was hoping thatwe might get engaged first(WTF, they have been dating just as long as us, but he is 27 to my 25(about to turn 28 here pretty soon) and his gf is a year ahead in school and about to graduate, my gf has a whole year after this.....)

I have NEVER seen her act this petty before, its really frustrating, she basically told me last night after 20 minutes that she can't stand to talk to me anymore because shes so mad at me over this

Yes, I should have just told him no and explained that I can't because I apparantly am dating a 5 year old, that would have gone over even better I am sure!

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